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All molds need to be washed with warm soapy water and dried with a soft towel before the first use.  Tin plated metal molds should be sprayed with a mold release or silicone spray before the first use.

Molds for making candles.  Molds come in all different shapes, sizes and materials.  There are metal molds made from seamless aluminum or tin plated molds with seams.  There are also plastic, silicone or rubber molds.   Some molds come with wick holes and some molds need to be drilled.  All metal molds need to be cleaned with warm water and soap and dried well before being used to remove any remaining machine oil residue.  There are many types of molds available.  Round, square, oval, star, oblique, ball, sun, moon, taper, angel, dog, butterfly and triangle are some of the most common.  But we have many many more!
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Flower Mold (tin plated steel) Heart Double Mold (tin plated steel) Heart Single Mold (tin plated steel)
Heart Triple Mold (tin plated steel) Oval Aluminum Mold Round Mold
Square Aluminum Mold Triangle Aluminum Mold Metal Votive Mold Standard 15 hour Candle Cocoon
Votive Mold
Our Price: $0.95
Votive Wick Pins - Self Centering
Wick Pins
Our Price: $2.50