About Candle Cocoon: The Company
"Where Incredible Products Start"

Candle Cocoon® LLC, candle supply company, is a family operation of a husband and wife team, two sweet little girls and a staff that loves serving our customers as much as we do! It developed because of my own personal passion for anything fire related. Ever since I was a little girl I was often caught with my fingers in hot melted wax at restaurants! I remember my mother joking that maybe some day I would be a candle maker! I have been creating candles since 1989. Back then there was little technical help or information. Everything was trial and error, which was fine with me since I really like playing with fire. I started as a pillar maker. I loved the art of the shapes, the beauty of the colors and the feel of the wax. When I decided to sell my candles professionally in 1997 I came to realize that scent was a huge part of candles sales. Fragrances that were available were nothing special. I looked into having my own scents made and learned a lot. Most fragrances houses tried to give me stock scents. You know the ones. The fragrances you can get almost anywhere; flat, mono noted and often weak. I insisted time and time again that I wanted the best possible scents available and would settle for nothing less. I dealt with a lot of companies that didn't think that I understood the fragrance market because "nobody would pay more then $6.00 a pound for wholesale." Which would translate into about $15.00 per pound retail. Manufacturers felt that oils needed to be cut, not full strength, or candle makers wouldn't purchase them. It would be too expensive. Finally I found a few scent manufacturers who didn't think that I was crazy and have worked with me since then. If I was going to have scent in my candles they had to be the best scents possible! And that means testing for as much as three years to perfect each scent! I also needed my candles to burn the best and not just smell the best! I learned that the more "junk" (additives. scent, dyes, etc) that are used in a candle the more soot that is produced. And me being the tree hugger that I am that was just unacceptable. This was yet another reason to have the most concentrated and best possible scents available. Candle Cocoon concentrated on its candle fragrance line first, this has opened the doors to a new and different candle supply company...the high-end scent market! As my testing for scents increased I became more and more of a scent junkie. My passion for creating scents has now overtaken my zeal for candle making! And that is why I decided to start this candle supply company. I wanted to share these scents that I have worked so hard on with the rest of the world. I also want to share the knowledge that I have learned on how to make an incredible candle. Since I have a background in natural sciences I approach the field a bit differently. I believe in scientific testing and reproducible results. I am still learning through testing and talking to experts (and then re-testing.) I try to pass information on to my customers. I take a solid interest in the candle industry and needed to offer something completely different than other candle making suppliers. I feel I have achieved that with my unique fragrance line and well researched products. Scent isn't the only aspect of a great burning, well-balanced candle. With the ability to use much less fragrance oil than the average supplier offered, candle makers can increase their profit margin and offer a cleaner burning candle. Candle Cocoon® grew to offer more candle making supplies as each passing test proved to our standards.

We have now created a dye line that offers variety, ease and intensity to candle makers! At Candle Cocoon® we take the environment seriously. We feel a personal responsibility to be stewards of the Earth. (After all, Aldo Leopold is my personal hero AND I live just a few blocks away from his former home!) Everything from re-using shipping boxes to using half sheets of paper for invoices. We even worked with the city to recycle our steel drums! We are also looking into organic alternatives for waxes and oils. Everything that we do has ramifications to the environment and we take that into account with our every action. We have even developed and dedicated our line of candle making dyes around butterflies. Flutter Dyes™ from Candle Cocoon® will have a portion of their profits donated to endangered butterfly habitat. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about this new line and what we hope to achieve because of the sales of dye! Candle Cocoon would not be complete without our friends working on the front lines on the phone and candle making forum and in the trenches processing orders, packing shipments and making Flutter Dyes. Our seasoned pro on phones is Grace. And Terri is our voice in the candle making forum. Grace came to us with very little actual candle making knowledge but boy has she been a quick study! She has been into a lot of different arts and crafts so it certainly didn't surprise me that she picked up candle making so quickly! Terri has been a friend on the candle making forums for years! She has helped out on "The Candle Maker's Companion" Board for a long time now. Janna is our store manager and all around wiz.

We opened our last store front to the public on November 26, 2013. With it's opening has come a lot of new faces. Just recently we have added soap making supplies! This is an exciting new venue for us! Along with the soap making items we now have bath items, shampoos, dog groom, men's supplies and even toilet bowl cleaning supplies. In the future we hope to expand our lines even more and we hope that you will be there with us. If there is anything that we can do for you please don’t hesitate to let us know. Sincerely, Lyschel Bersch Owner-Candle Cocoon ®, llc and Karner Blue Candle and Supply LLC. We have now just opened our newest storefront at 5728 Monona Dr. Monona WI 53716 and closed the one on Monroe Street. Soon we will also have a new Maker's Field! Where dreams can take flight!