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We have physically moved! We are out of the old spot on into the new. Our supply area is set up. We are now in the process of migrating our website. With that migration comes a TON of issues. Thank you for your understanding! We are working as quickly as we can!

Candle Cocoon is known first and foremost known for it's incredible scents. We do not carry "stock" scents. Each of our fragrances are put through 6 months - 4 years of extensive testing and evaluation before they are presented to our customers. Each scent starts out as an idea. The idea is presented to various fragrance houses. They give us back some samples. We then tell them what we like and don't like about the scent. And stronger. Stronger. Stronger. We can go through hundreds of scent renditions to get to that one perfect fragrance combination that has balance, strength, depths and beauty that is demanded. Finding the perfect scent is truly a labor of love.

With fragrances this wonderful it would only make sense to use them with the best and most professional quality fragrances and candle making materials. For instance, wax. Not all soy wax is created equal. There are a lot of candle "flakes" out there. Just because the waxes may all look alike doesn't mean that they act alike. We have tested a lot of soy with a lot of our scents to find the ones that don't "eat" the bakery smell and have great scent throw. Wax should look good and have a superior scent throw. We carry two main soy waxes. The GW464 because in our testing it was overall a very good wax at a great price point. We now carry the Enchanted Lites (now American Soy Organics Wax) Millennium Wax on site. Millennium Soy Wax comes in pastilles which are very easy to work with and the wax has the best scent throw on the market. The price is a bit higher on the American Soy Organics but the overall quality and consistency is top notch. Not to mention that it is 100% US farmed. We also drop ship the Midwest Soy (Formerly Enchanted Lites Classic Soy Wax).

What are professional quality candle making supplies? Simple answer would be the best quality materials used in candle making. The professional (large or small) wants their candles to have superior scent throw and look great. There are a lot of products on the market aimed at the hobby candle maker in craft stores and on-line. Most of these candle making supplies simply don't work. At Candle Cocoon we take the guess work out of finding the best products. We have tested tons of waxes, wicks, scents, dyes, molds, and other candle making supplies, accessories and additives to provide you with the best products for your candle making. Of course there will still be testing involved by the individual candle maker as there are thousands of combinations. Plus micro environment (humidity, barometric pressure, temperature) and personal technique (how you stir the wax, pouring temperature, etc) will all play a part in individual candle outcome. This is why we always tell our customers to take good notes!

And we don't want to forget our candle dye lines! Flutter Dyes are our personal favorite. They are easy to use butterfly shaped pieces that can give your candle numerous shades to work with! Simply use 1, 2 or 3 for the shades that are specified on the package. But the great thing

Candle Cocoon fragrance oils are known the world over for their uniqueness, complexity and concentration. Each of our scents is carefully crafted by experts to our precise specifications. The process takes between 6 months - 4 years! It is a commitment that we feel is worth the effort. Once a scent makes it into our line we know that it will be there for a long long time. Our scents are tested in both paraffin and various soy waxes to ensure it's incredible scent throw. In fact, after the scent passes our vigorous specifications it is sent out to 10 different testers using different paraffin and soy wax to ensure that Candle Cocoon's scent throw is above and beyond the competition. Our name doesn't go on a candle scent until the customers approve the scent!

Don't underestimate the value of a good scale when candle making. Professional candles are made by weight not volume. One weighed ounce of scent doesn't always equal 1, 2 or 3 Tablespoons. The same goes for weighing wax. Liquid wax and solid wax will take up different volumes and may throw off your measurements by a lot! Resulting in wasted time and money. We have a great micro scale, regular scale and our favorite - the Mastreo! Two scales in one! Small side is great for weighing out minute amounts of dye, additives or scent and the larger size is wonderful for weighing the wax!

In addition to our wonderful line of candle making supplies we have recently added soap making ingredients! It was the most logical step as soap and melt and pour soap bases give our Candle Cocoon scents another place to shine. And we couldn't stop there! Since we were getting in soap making supplies we also decided to carry body, pet, men's grooming, home and so much more! Look for all of our kits!

We have two lines of soap bases - SFIC and Crafter's Choice. All of our soap bases are SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate FREE). 25 different bases! Not sure which one is right for you? Try our SFIC melt and pour soap base 14 sample pack. Don't want to try them all then go for the SFIC build your own sample pack. or if you just want a whole lot of melt and pour soap bases to play with at a great price go for the Crafter's Choice 10 pack (20 pounds of soap!)

Molds are really a special animal. Many molds can be used for both candle, melt and soap making. We carry metal, plastic and silicone molds. If you don't see what you want in candle molds you may want to try the soap mold section.

Candle Cocoon is the place to go for the professional candle maker in the Milwaukee - Madison - Dubuque area. All of Candle Cocoon's products reside within Karner Blue Candle & Supply for easy pick up. 1915 Monroe ST Madison, WI. Please place orders on-line beforehand so they can be packed before pick up.
***Attention***Due to circumstances beyond our control we need to raise prices. Costs of scents have gone up drastically due to fires and explosions at processing plants in India and other areas. There are also other global forces at work. Our costs have increased 10-15% over the past few years and we have worked hard to absorb those costs. We are no longer able to do so and must increase prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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