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Highest quality fragrance oils for candles and melts. Some can be used for bath and body. Phthalate Free!
Candle Cocoon Oils (All Sizes) Just the Descriptions! Quick Order - Bulk (Pounds, Gallons) - 1oz Sample Easy Order
1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz Candle Cocoon Fragrance Oils. 12% discount on 5(+) pound sizes (mix and match). Discount will show up in cart.
All of Candle Cocoon's scents are phthalate free and have no extra solvents. Our fragrances are made of the best possible ingredients and are as concentrated as possible. Using less oil makes a better candle.
Pound easy order. Candle Cocoon Fragrance Oils. 12% discount when 5 or more pound sizes are ordered (mix and match pounds for discount!

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Scent Event (Clearance)
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Amore Dolce Fragrance Oil (Greens,Spice, Floral) | Candle Cocoon | Sweet Love Baby Scent Banana Nut Bread Fragrance Oil - Phthalate FREE! Only by Candle Cocoon! Blatantly Blueberry
REAL Brandied Pear scent. Brewed Jasmine Fragrance for candle, soap, lotion Bunchberry and Mossâ„¢
Candy Corn Cappuccino Hazelnut Cherishedâ„¢
Chocolate Suede Fragrance Oil | Candle Cocoon Citronella Oil - 100% Essential Oil - Java Coco Limaâ„¢